Case Study “Rebirth of Our Nationality” Mural



5900 CANAL ST.

Project Scope:

Public Art, Restoration


Call for All Artists and Project Management

This famous artwork was originally created at 5900 Canal Street, Houston in 1973 during the Chicano Art Movement by Muralist, Leo Tanguma.

LUX Art was engaged by Kirksey Architecture to work with Harris County Engineering Department on this long awaited public project that had been on the boards for approximately 15 years. The goal was to reinvigorate the mural celebrating Hispanic culture. Tanguma was unable to re-paint the mural himself, so he was retained as an advisor on the project. LUX worked closely with the county to structure a call for artists. Ultimately, Gonzo247 (aka: Mario Figueroa, Jr.) was selected for the project. Figueroa, a resident of the East Houston neighborhood where the mural is, was a perfect fit for the job. He had grown up with this mural and it was one of the things that influenced him to become an artist. Gonzo traveled to Denver to study with Tanguma for 3 days, then spent 3 months recreating a 28’ foot long scale drawing of the mural – then another 6 months projecting a grid onto the wall, drawing and painting the mural. Engaging a large committee including the county, the architects, community advocacy and both artists, LUX was able to gain consensus and move the project ahead to completion, then successfully celebrate the great work at a community unveiling.

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New Branding Announcement


Austin, TX, January 17, 2018: The team behind LUX Art Consulting, an art and design firm providing services to high profile clients — including Siemens, Lincoln Property Co, and multiple Universities — is unveiling a rebranding effort that is in step with the art and design firm’s growth and customer-friendly, collaborative approach to design. The partners spoke about their refreshed brand and growth in the Jan. 12 issue of the Austin Business Journal.

LUX Art Consulting partners Jennie Branch, Business Development and Logistics Specialist, and Sasha Wytrwal, Creative Director and Artist Liaison, decided to bring the services of their boutique agencies under one brand — LUX Art Consulting — in 2018 to better reflect the full array of LUX’s customized art solutions, from concept to installation. The rebranding also caps off two years of strong growth. During that time, Austin-based LUX Art Consulting has grown its services and staff, enabling it to serve large clients and multi-site projects. The art and design firm serves Universities, public and private corporations, commercial architects, designers, project managers and real estate developers on a national basis. Branch and Wytrwal, who have more than 48 years of combined experience, tapped Chris Kinsman and Celeste LaRocca of Chris Kinsman Design/MPress Consulting to oversee the rebranding process.

Branch says of the rebranding, “After several years of growth, we wanted a clean crisp new look that was straightforward and reflects the larger scope and size of current projects. We wanted a branding refresh that would educate our existing and potential clients about our services and benefits to them.”

LUX Art Consulting services extend well beyond consulting on print and commissioned art. The art and design firm gives each customer the opportunity to collaborate on their brand identity. They in turn work with artists, craftsman and fabricators to develop the best concept for each project. Additionally, each client has access to Fine Art Services, a custom frame shop owned by Jennie Branch that provides quality workmanship for artists, designers and consultants, and Art-Scapes, a studio design company owned by Sasha Wytrwal that produces large scale, conceptual graphics, photography and artwork.

The rebranding began with a discovery process to learn where LUX Art Consulting, as an art and design firm, needed to define their position in the market as the premier art consultants for high-end projects. Wytrwal says of the creative direction, “We set out to create an identity that was bold, new and different, but would still relate to LUX’s current and prospective clientele. We explored a range of options that incorporated geometric, artistic, abstract and typographic solutions. The resulting solution was a balance between the LUX Art Consulting name and what we provide clients.”

Branch says of the new branding, “We are thrilled to have a new look for the new year that will help us build brand awareness and set ourselves apart from our competitors, especially regarding the highly collaborative nature in which we engage with our clients, artists, vendors and fabricators.”

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Case Study Tech Company


Mountain View, CA


Project Scope:

Public Spaces


Custom Large Scale Sculpture

A Northern California Road-trip and Hollywood vintage glam were the inspiration behind the design and attitude of this office space.

The ground floor of the vintage glam Hollywood hipster lobby is complete with a retro suitcase sculpture, created by LUX, to set the mood for your California road trip. A historic metal postcard display featuring CA attractions and an antique patina mirrored signage complete with brutalist period starbursts greet you in the lobby. As you weave your way through the additional floors in this space you’ll visit the “Gold Rush” time period in CA, then cruise through Big Sur, Sonoma Valley, Russian River Valley, and eventually arrive in Silicon Valley on the top floor.

Working with LUX, the client now has an art collection that tells their story with style and glam. This new construction project was completed by working with the client direct, Nova Partners Management Team & WRNS Architects.

LUX is Life Intersecting Art.