Our Foundation
We saw an opportunity over 30 years ago to serve the corporate market, providing art that tells our clients' stories, while adding to their design directives and inspiring the people in their spaces.



We bring our creative nature to everything we do.


We stand behind our quality and craftsmanship.


We provide full-service space solutions that tell a client’s story.


We are committed to serving our team, clients and community.

Jennie Branch

Business Development

Jennie’s career began in 1988, establishing a series of corporate art consulting firms over the years, each directed towards furthering specific goals as markets and clientele grew.

In her 30 years in art consulting, Jennie has forged a reputation for excellence in providing an all-encompassing scope of services to address the needs of primarily corporate clients, specializing in creating and placing site-specific artwork, both two- and three-dimensional.

Jennie now leads business development and business strategy efforts.

Sasha Wytrwal

Creative Director

Sasha was formally trained in multiple disciplines of fine art, with a focus on graphic design and illustration, while attending Massachusetts College of Art from 1994 – 1998. Her involvement working as an artist led to many hours in the studio collaborating with other artists and designers. Ultimately, this experience coupled with her business acumen has shaped her career.

A highly skilled communicator, she understands and can effectively interact with clients, artists, and art committees from a creative standpoint. With 22 years of professional experience in art consulting, design, artist representation & production of large scale shows, Sasha has a diverse and informed background. She has forged a reputation for creating conceptual, coherent art collections and providing effective direction.

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