There’s no installation too big or too complicated for the LUX team.


We manage all site preparation, storage, shipping, receiving, delivery and installation for the art pieces. We are on site to coordinate and supervise the installation team and to make sure the final results get approval. We also ensure proper recommendations are made for future maintenance.

Our museum trained installation team is of the highest caliber and can handle everything from gallery hanging to large scale sculpture installation. 

• Storage

All pieces are hand-packed at LUX using custom materials that are tailored to the object’s specifications and how it will be transported.

• Transportation

LUX offers safe, fast, secure, no-hassle transit for your artwork tailored to your demands and timetable.

• Installation

LUX works together with customers, architects, interior designers, and engineers to provide state-of-the-art installation services that match any scale project.

LUX is Life Intersecting Art.